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Managing Partner & Head of Acquisitions

Arthur is Legacy Development’s principal deal maker. Responsible for acquisitions of new projects, Arthur has over 10 years of experience structuring complex site assemblages and seeing them through the full entitlement process. Arthur works closely with our professional teams and acts as the primary liaison between Legacy and the local municipalities where we work, and remains active in overseeing the construction process alongside our GC teams. Arthur’s experience spans both the multifamily and single family home industries, ranging from luxury homes and bulk subdivisions to transit-oriented urban mixed-use. Prior to co-founding Legacy, Arthur spent 10 Years at GFI Group, an innovator in intermediary trading technologies.  Additionally, Arthur is co-owner RBA Metals Corp and owner and co-founder of Bullion Exchanges, a leading online precious metals retailer.   Arthur and his wife Svetlana are based in Demarest, NJ with their two children, Avery and Marcus. Arthur holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Rutgers University. 

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